2018 Fellowship

Vishwa Shroff (founding member)

Vishwa Shroff

Vishwa Shroff’s work explores spatial and narrative possibilities of Urban and architectural scenarios. The subtle metamorphosis that denotes an in-between and a (simultaneously) specific moment in time are recorded through drawings. This act of drawing the markings and physical manifestations of usage, the cracks and discolourations that appear as scars in these architectural spaces, are understood as durational dialogues between the building and those that have passed through them.

Katsushi Goto (founding member)


Katsushi Goto is an architect/urbanist who is currently researching domesticity in ideal family home and public spaces allied to interior urbanism. He holds MArch from H&U, AA School.  He is director of design/research firm Squareworks, Mumbai, partner at apartment co., ltd. Tokyo, assistant professor Meiji University, Tokyo, and visiting associate professor CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

Charlie Levine (founding member)

Charlie portrait

Charlie Levine is an art director, independent curator, project manager, lecturer and consultant. Levine’s curatorial practice centralises on in/visible networks, creating and bringing together communities, working site responsively, postal art, developing opportunities for early career artists and encouraging more diverse creative industry opportunities.

Tash Kahn (founding member)

Tash portrait

Tash Kahn was a painter for many years, she now works more site-specifically using a space’s immediate surrounding area and history as starting points. She is interested in how people engage with art, the conversations it generates and how it makes them feel. Kahn has exhibited both nationally and internationally and is co-founder of the visual-arts project DOLPH, and has helped facilitate 22 exhibitions. DOLPH provides an alternative way for people to engage with contemporary art, as well as being an invaluable learning and networking resource for artists. Kahn is also a freelance editor.

Rosanna Van Mierlo (founding member)


Rosanna van Mierlo is an art writer and curator interested in post 1970 visual art, photography and film with a focus on feminist art practice. Her writing often combines essayistic style with fictional elements, in keeping with and expanding the playful, hybrid traditions of ficto-criticism.