Press Release – New International Research Fellowship Launching in Mumbai




Image courtesy of Fabien Charuau

In November, 10 artists from all over the world will launch SquareWorks Laboratory (SqW:Lab). SqW:Lab is a brand new international creative fellowship that will begin in Mumbai and expand globally throughout 2019. The inaugural 10 fellows are a mix of artists, architects, curators, art writers and creative industry professionals from India, Japan, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Brazil.

An 80-year-old art deco apartment in Colaba will play host to the three-month fellowship. Domestic space will be converted into creative space; the creative environment re-thought. SqW:Lab will be an “‘active space’, a hybrid structure that [is] part art school, part community centre and part artistic laboratory”, (Jens Hoffman, Theatre of Exhibitions). Following initial workshops and the inaugural exhibition in Mumbai on 10 November 2018, the SqW:Lab fellows will be co-producing a series of collaborative projects during the next three months which will focus on the themes of Drawing, the Domestic, Place and Process.

This year’s participants will be Sutapa Biswas (artist, UK), Gustavo S Ferro (artist, BR / UK), Katsushi Goto (architect, JPN, IN), Tash Kahn (artist, UK), Sameer Kulavoor (artist, IN), Charlie Levine (curator, UK), John Ros (artist / curator, US), Vishwa Shroff (artist, IN), Thomas Tsang (architect, HK) and Rosanna Van Mierlo (art writer, UK / US).

Durational dialogues permit narrative and mnemonic evolvement, allowing technical and theoretical exchanges that remain otherwise illusive in one’s own practice. Initiating an exchange platform therefore made sense. To come together for short periods with professionals from different fields that share a common interest in spatial observations and alterations, but come to it from a distinct point of view.

Vishwa Shroff, Squareworks founder, September 2018

For further information please contact:  

The exhibition will open on Saturday 10 November 6 – 8pm

at 7 Southlands, Colaba, Mumbai



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