Corinth Talk #03, Tokyo – SqW:Lab founders

Talk Event: Exploring creative possibilities–SqW:Lab, a new creative residency in Mumbai, India

Saturday, 23 March 2019 from 14:00-15:30

Corinth Talk Series aims to introduce art, design, architecture in India and South Asia now to the audience in Tokyo.

Square Works Laboratory (SqW:Lab) is found in Mumbai in 2018, as a 3-month programme for cultural practitioners from all of the world. The aim is for 10 creatives (artist, architect, curator, and writer) to come together, play, worksite responsively, showcase their process in the form of drawings, doodles, and notes, and be inspired by each other and find innovative legacy projects.

Corinth Talk #03 will invite SqW:Lab founders, architect Katsushi Goto (architect) and contemporary artist Vishwa Shroff . They will talk about own practice respectively and their collaborative laboratory space, SqW:Lab, in Mumbai.

Organised by Tomoko Kuroiwa
Venue supported by Ooka Hironori Design Office

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