SqW:Lab 2018-19 closing event




On 16th March 2019, 10 artists from all over the world will conclude the first edition (2018-19) of SquareWorks Laboratory (SqW:Lab) in an open studio in Mumbai.

This concluding event will consist of work made during the three-month fellowship. Each artist was asked to complete a series of ‘Play Projects’ devised by the five core members – a postcard exchange by Vishwa Shroff; Tash Kahn asked fellows to respond to city scenes; Katsushi Goto prompted collaboration between fellows to create a narrative around a fictional architectural space; Charlie Levine’s ‘explored her project, ‘The Tale Tellers’ in which artists were asked to illustrate a piece of text from The Jungle Book; Rosanna van Mierlo’s project concerns the public/private space and the notion of home.

SqW:Lab is an international creative fellowship that began in 2018 in Mumbai and expanded globally throughout 2019. The inaugural 10 fellows are a mix of artists, architects, curators, art writers and creative industry professionals from India, Japan, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Brazil.

“Continuous professional practice accumulates specific knowledge. But it tends to be mundane and requires resetting new challenges. The idea of the lab starts from this points and re-thinking creative environment. 80 years old Bombay art deco apartment is the place all ten professionals gather for an initial short-term workshop.
It is intriguing to imagine how we could rearrange domestic space into a creative and collaborative space”

Katsushi Goto, Squareworks founder, March 2019

Images available on request. For further information please contact: sqwlab@gmail.com 


Saturday 16 March 4pm to 8pm and Sunday 17 March 4pm to 8pm.
7 Southlands, 177 Colaba Road, Colaba, Mumbai

sqwlab.com   twitter/instagram #sqwlab


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