Who we are

Square Works Laboratory (SqW:Lab) is a fellowship programme in Mumbai for cultural practitioners from all over the world.  The aim is for creative practitioners from various disciplines to come together, play, work site responsively, showcase their process in the form of drawings, doodles and notes, and be inspired by each other, the domestic and find innovative legacy projects.

SqW:Lab was founded in 2018 by artist Vishwa Shroff, architect Goto Katsushi, curator Charlie Levine, critic/curator Rose van Mierlo and artist Tash Kahn.


SqW:Lab is a multi faceted research fellowship, with four core members that each year each invite a ‘plus 1’.  This invitee is a fellow creative practitioner who is asked to be part of the project, contribute to the conversation and contribute to SqW:Lab’s research themes of drawing, the domestic and process.

2021 fellows

2020 fellows

2018 fellows


The Evocative Object by Samanta Batra Mehta

 In a nostalgic retelling of childhood memory, artist Samanta Batra Mehta’s project, The Evocative Object, for The Show Windows: Mumbai,  invites the viewer into a space of play and unbridled imagination. She uses an assemblage of collected antiquarian and vintage objects to evoke memories of her childhood creative journeys and share a sense of whimsy …