The Show Windows: Coventry

As part of The Show Windows collaboration SqW:Lab and TARQ welcomed two Coventry, UK, artists to Mumbai – Emma Critchley and Tarla Patel. And in return one of our SqW:Lab Fellows, Sameer Kulavoor and co-director, Vishwa Shroff, both of whom are Mumbai based artists have shown in Coventry.

The Show Windows: Mumbai

SqW:Lab and TARQ in collaboration with the Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 are pleased to present The Show Windows: Mumbai  – an international extension of the ongoing year-long project in Coventry, UK, curated by Charlie Levine. 

The Show Windows: Mumbai  brought to the city six site specific artworks over a period of six months, releasing three windows in November 2021 and three more in January 2022.

The windows featured two artists from Coventry, Emma Critchley and Tarla Patel, alongside four from India and the Indian Diaspora,  Ranjit Kandalgaonkar, Samanta Batra Mehta, Mario d’Souza and Avantika Bawa.

All of these artworks, framed behind the window glazing of venues in Colaba, acted as picture book pages and mirrors in which to see new narratives and reflections of ourselves and the city. Linked into the SqW:Lab themes of the domestic and process, all these works look to the ideas of ‘home’ – something that has been in the forefront of our minds as we begin to emerge from them post Covid-19 lockdown.

Here’s a great article about the project by Dilpreet Bhullar where Vishwa Shroff explains more about the project and collaboration with Coventry, UK.

Rick  by Ranjit Kandalgaonkar

This The Show Windows: Mumbai installation, Rick, by Ranjit Kandalgaonkar displays a loose chronology of autorickshaw windows looking inward; as an interiorised space – an alternate representation of home; and outward, as a window to the city.

For much over a decade, Ranjit Kandalgaonkar has been documenting his city travels in order to keep accruing this “auto data-set”. This work attempts to engage the temporary space that the various auto interiors generate in keeping with the theme and interests of the Show Windows and SqW: Lab projects, which has allowed Ranjit an opportunity to finally engage this documentation. 

Coventry to Mumbai, the photographs of Masterji with Tarla Patel

This The Show Window: Mumbai instillation, produced with Tarla Patel showcases the photography of her father, Maganbhai Patel, a Gujarati Indian photographer who migrated to Coventry, UK in 1951. Often referred to as ‘Masterji’, Patel opened Master’s Art Studio in Coventry in 1969. 

By placing these photographs of the people Masterji photographed in the windows, and a portrait of Masterji himself, Tarla invites the viewer to reflect on the changing identities of Masterji’s subjects and to contemplate the stories to be told and the lives to be lived.

For further information visit this link

The Bird & The Elephant by Emma Critchley

This film, showing as part of The Show Windows: Mumbai, celebrates the legacy of the recently closed, iconic Coventry Baths through an underwater performance; a swan song to the space. It also speaks of the threat many public pools face in the UK due to aging infrastructure and public funding cuts.

Prior to its closure in 2019 Critchley collaborated with dancer William Moore, principal dancer at Ballet Zurich, to choreograph and film an underwater performance within the pool in response to stories collected from its community of users and workers, as an ode to this unique space, a place where the artist learnt to swim and a place which holds many memories for the local community.