A Doll House play project 2018-19

A Doll House was the play project initiated by Katsushi Goto. It was a two staged project with Stage – I: Collaging Subject where one Fellow was asked to construct a fictitious subject by collecting, collaging and cataloguing her/his belongings then to write a brief for building a space in which she/he would inhabit. 

This was passed on to a second Fellow for Stage – II: Construction/Narrative of a dollhouse. The aim of this secondary stage was to build a dollhouse or a narrative of a dollhouse from the brief provided.  


Goto broke the Fellows into pair, Tash Kahn and Thomas Tsang, Charlie Levine and Sameer Kulavoor, and Vishwa Shroff and John Ros.


Empty, Tash Kahn and Thomas Tsang, 2019

Untitled, John Ros and Vishwa Shroff, 2019


Untitled, Gustavo S Ferro and Rosanna van Mierlo, 2019

Time ‘TROVE’l, Sameer Kulavoor and Charlie Levine, 2019

The Tale Tellers play project 2018-19

For the SqW:Lab 2018-19 Fellowship, Charlie Levine realised her first The Tale Tellers as a group exhibition.  She read The Jungle Book and gave each Fellow a key plot point / quote from the book and asked them to make an original artwork to represent that quote.

L16_022751. Small Song, Sutapa Biswas

L16_022702. Fire, Rosanna van Mierlo

L16_022693. The monkeys leaped higher up the walls…, Sameer Kulavoor

L16_022554. Every-thing, Thomas Tsang

L16_022485. Attempt to fly an Indian kite in Scotland, January 2019, Gustavo S Ferro

L16_022426. 7 the white seal pp 119, John Ros

L16_022337. Pest Control, Vishwa Shroff

L16_022298. Night Noises, Bird, andMoon, Tash Kahn

L16_022189. Wall of Men, Collaborative work, SqW:Lab 2018-19, Charlie Levine & Katushi Goto

Echoes play project 2018-19

Tash Kahn’s play project asked the 2018-19 Fellow to find a subject they wanted to photograph repeatedly that was inspired by something they saw in Mumbai.  Tash then edited seven of the Fellow’s collections down to a selection of 4, while Vishwa Shroff used images as part of her Postcard play project and Thomas Tsang contributed images to his book.

L16_02363Katsushi Goto | Charlie Levine

L16_02361Rosanna van Mierlo | Gustavo S Ferro

L16_02358John Ros | Sutapa Biswas

L16_02357Sameer Kulavoor

Postcard Exchange play project 2018-19

Vishwa Shroff invited Fellows to each identify a person to have a postcard exchange with – this could have been with Vishwa herself. Vishwa asked that each postcard sent between fellows contributed to a conversation related to Domesticity or the domestic environment, their interpretation of it and how it changed or responded to the exchange they were having.


Rehoming Spaces play project 2018-19

Blurring the boundaries of what domestic space is, Rosanna van Mierlo asked the Fellows to look at other spaces they think of as ‘home’. She asked them to identify a public space that they would consider ‘home’ – such as a museum, a private garden, a room or even a song.  Then to select 5 objects within that space that resonate with each fellow or have a private meaning to them. This could be taken from their personal memory, associations or even fiction. And then for them to record the placement of the object within their space through drawing, photography, collage or words and record your ‘memories’ in writing. The final works were compiled in a book titled a very still life


SqW:Lab 2018-19 closing event



On 16th March 2019, 10 artists from all over the world concluded the first edition (2018-19) of SquareWorks Laboratory (SqW:Lab) in an open studio in Mumbai.

This concluding event consisted of work made during the three-month fellowship. Each artist was asked to complete a series of ‘Play Projects’ devised by the five core members – a postcard exchange by Vishwa Shroff; Tash Kahn asked fellows to respond to city scenes; Katsushi Goto prompted collaboration between fellows to create a narrative around a fictional architectural space; Charlie Levine’s ‘explored her project, ‘The Tale Tellers’ in which artists were asked to illustrate a piece of text from The Jungle Book; Rosanna van Mierlo’s project concerns the public/private space and the notion of home.

SqW:Lab is an international creative fellowship that began in 2018 in Mumbai and expanded globally throughout 2019. The inaugural 10 fellows were a mix of artists, architects, curators, art writers and creative industry professionals from India, Japan, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Brazil.




Tash Kahn invited each SqW:Lab fellow to give her a selection of photographs taken from their local environments that were inspired by something they saw in Mumbai and could be recorded repeatedly.