art is not for sale – exhibition

2020 guest director, Rosie van Mierlo, and 2023 guest director, John Ros, have collaborated on a project called intermission museum (IMA). This project, that celebrates collaborations, recently attended Platforms Project, an independent art fair in Athens, Greece, to present physically its volume ii archive in an exhibition entitled, art is not for sale.

“This year’s physical manifestation will see IMA inhabit the space
of the art fair, while questioning the fictional model that makes
up art-as-commodity that underpins the art economy. Utilising the
methodology of the fair (while joyously engaging both the word’s
origins in as a place of trade but also its emphasis on a moment
of celebration and implication of equity) IMA will embed its
archive in global micro-talks with Volume II participants as well
as presenting “objects” (not) for sale. Additionally, IMA will
be presenting its latest catalogue: a collaborative curatorial
project highlighting Volume ii’s projects.

Featuring collaborations by:
alice wilson + neja tomšič
deanna lee + kirsten nash
ayesha kamal khan + catalina tuca + joshua j. araujo + mariangela ciccarello
jeffrey martín + david mccormick”

Find out more via the exhibition catalogue here.

Gusty Ferro – in conversation

Last year Gusty Ferro (then Gustavo S Ferro, as they were also know for our inaugural Lab in 2018) was part of a duo exhibition at Abingdon Studios in Northern England. The exhibition, with Sam Meredith,  was the visualisation of a conversation they had surrounding the materiality of objects and the process of making sculptures. 

For the catalogue for this 2021 exhibition, they were in conversation with Director, Charlie Levine. You can read the full interview here and find out more about the exhibition, Rockifield, here.

numbers, patterns, movements and being – catalogue essay

2023 – 2024 guest Director, John Ros (who was an inaugural fellow of the lab) has recently had a solo show in Brooklyn, New York. You can find out more about the exhibition, numbers, patterns, movements and being, here.

As part of the exhibition our first guest Director, Tash Kahn, produced an online performance with Ros and Director, Charlie Levine, wrote the catalogue essay.

introduction (catalogue essay)
by charlie levine

i am fortunate to have been, either in person or digitally, a visitor to john ros’s differing studio spaces since i first met them in their east london iteration in 2015. from there john has been in studios in new york, virginia, mumbai (while on a fellowship), brooklyn and now in long island city. i have seen, first hand, their creative studio practice, and it is a wonder to see and talk through…

You can find out more about the Ros and Kahn performance here.

And you can find the exhibition catalogue, that includes Levine’s essay, here.

Drain Magazine – a conversation

In the current Drain magazine Lab Director, Vishwa Shroff, and 2021 Lab fellow, Avantika Bawa, are in conversation.

A line is a dot that went for a walk.” – Paul Klee

In May 2022, Avantika Bawa and Vishwa Shroff went walking in Basel, Switzerland, home of several well-known Brutalist buildings, as well as some more obscure ones, and footnoted everything in between the sites. While Bawa and Shroff both make work informed by their shared love of architecture, and both resist the imposition of narrative, their approaches differ in terms of materials and mediums...”

You can read the full article here.

Avantika Bawa, #FFFFFF, Painted scaffolds, dimensions variable, 2020, Ditch Projects, Springfield, OR, USA
Vishwa Shroff, Apature #1, #2 and #3, silverpoint and ink on paper, 30″ x 22″ each, 2022. Image courtesy artist and TARQ.

The Show Windows: Coventry

As part of The Show Windows collaboration SqW:Lab and TARQ welcomed two Coventry, UK, artists to Mumbai – Emma Critchley and Tarla Patel. And in return one of our SqW:Lab Fellows, Sameer Kulavoor and co-director, Vishwa Shroff, both of whom are Mumbai based artists have shown in Coventry.