SqW:Lab 2020 Open Studio event

Squareworks Laboratory (SqW:Lab) in Mumbai invites you to join it’s eight creative fellows from Ljubljana, London, Tokyo, Mumbai and Denver to experience the works made during a two week fellowship in Mumbai. 

Inspired by a series of ‘Play Projects’, the SqW:Lab studio space and the city around them, the works made are a mix of video, painting, drawing and installation. The ‘Play Projects’ are central to SqW:Lab’s process of exploring the themes of drawing, the domestic and process. The Projects are designed by the four founding fellows (Goto, Shroff, Levine and van Mierlo) and offer the group a series of instructions to use to produce the works. For example, Vishwa Shroff shared a memory of her childhood home and the fellows responded visually in pairs to this story.

This year’s participants are Veeranganakumari Solanki (curator, IN), Kyoko Ebata (artist, JP), Adam Nathaniel Furman (artist, UK), Ana Čavić (artist, SI) alongside founding fellows Katsushi Goto (architect, JPN, IN), Charlie Levine (curator, UK), Vishwa Shroff (artist, IN), and Rose Van Mierlo (critic, US).


SqW:Lab 2020 Fellows with Nibha Sikander, Murud Janjira, Kashid beach.

The open studio exhibition will open on:

Friday 14 February at 5pm – 8pm | Saturday 15 February 4pm – 8pm

7 Southlands, Colaba, Mumbai |  twitter/instagram #sqwlab

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