Looking & Longing exhibition

In May 2020 SqW:Lab director, Charlie Levine, was invited by 2018-19 fellow John Ros to deliver a spring short course on studioELL. studioELL is a Brooklyn-based, hybrid, transient, higher education fine art learning space that offers online and physical courses, residencies and programs in studio art.

Charlie decided to write a series of lecture and instructions for the artists / students that was an extension of her SqW:Lab 2020 Play Project – curating the home. The course, Curating the Domestic, asked the students to complete the module via the production of works for an exhibition to exist on the studioELL website. This curatorial focused short course invited participants to use their immediate surroundings to dive into personal and art historical research and develop exhibitions and artworks around ideas of ‘home’ within their domestic space.

Entitled Looking & Longing, this final exhibition included works by 2 SqW:Lab alumni Veeranganakumari Solanki and John Ros, and Director Vishwa Shroff, as well as Karen Levitov, William Hughes, Caitlin Griffiths, Jeannine Bardo, Melissa Staiger, Gemma Dunford, David Flindall and Laurie Nouchka.

Looking & Longing is curated into three themed rooms: Surfaces, Frames and Levels. Each ‘room’ exhibits a mix of the artists work and highlights ideas bought up as part of the workshops — bringing their natural visual surroundings to the fore.

Curatorial tropes, such as frames, plinths / shelves and the exploration of space, are evident is this series of works. The artists are all thinking curatorially with focus on context (the domestic) and space (our current environments) as much as what is within them (the objects, photographs, works of art or themselves).

This exhibition is available online on the studioELL website.

Top left: Untitled, Vishwa Shroff – Top right: 139 skillman avenue, 001-100, John Ros, Right: 139 skillman avenue, video, John Ros

Bottom: Domestic Outside, Veeranganakumari Solanki

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