Ranjit Kandalgaonkar

Get to know SqW:Lab 2021 fellow – today we speak to artist Ranjit Kandalgaonkar

Assemblage #2, 2012.

Where can you be found?

In and around Borivali, Mumbai where I live or online nowadays at http://instagram.com/gentricity

Tell us about a creative action you have taken this week.

I draw all the time……it’s difficult to switch off, not sure its all creative.

What does ‘home’ mean to you? 

I’ve never meant to answer that……but if I were to, I’d say home would be where I’m comfortable….specific periods of time spent with a set of people…. my studio……. immediate family…… friendships……….a walk through the city…..

What was the last thing you drew?

I am in the middle of organising my old projects, so I’m pulling out a lot of old sketchbooks/drawings I’ve made or even don’t remember making. I’ve been completing them, if I feel the need to.

Tell us about 2 of your most subtle influences.

Over time, the counsel & support of friends/fly, and 2nd is usually material around the project I’m involved in, which latently influence the work to follow

Please share your thoughts / a few words about your expectations of the project. 

It’s a balancing act, to attract and engage a site specific-public art project while bringing forth in this scenario, other imaginations of the home. I look forward to the exciting prospect of tackling a site that has to possibly attract someone’s attention, pique their curiosity, not put them off hopefully, but be intrigued enough to take some time out of their day to come have a look, to pause, reflect and hopefully leave thinking about things differently than they were. I also very much look forward to the act of collaboration with everyone involved in our Show Rooms project. It’s the part I look forward to the most.

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