home away from home by Mario d’Souza

In his work home away from home, Mario d’Souza explores colour and texture through the lens of interpersonal and societal separations that arise due to differences in culture. For The Show Windows: Mumbai, d’Souza explores the various forms a textile can take on and how elements embedded in their cultural symbolism are routinely used and expressed by the people he interacts with.  Using his hybrid background as an Indian-French person as a pathway to deliver an awareness of thought, spiritual principles, multiculturalism, migration, identity and self-exploration, d’Souza creates an environment that envelops the viewer in another culture and experience, something he calls his swaddharma: ‘home away from home’.
On view from 11th November 2021 at Essajee’s Atelier, Ground Floor, Lansdowne House, Battery St, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Mario d’Souza is an artist living in between France and India, working on the concept of home away from home. His body of work explores the discovery of space and how to formalize space as a work of art, living space, historical space, present space and most of all a space of celebration! The idea of creating installations, to walk into, relive, understand and give rise to a high breed and this context, helps to build a bridge in between cultures.

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