art is not for sale – exhibition

2020 guest director, Rosie van Mierlo, and 2023 guest director, John Ros, have collaborated on a project called intermission museum (IMA). This project, that celebrates collaborations, recently attended Platforms Project, an independent art fair in Athens, Greece, to present physically its volume ii archive in an exhibition entitled, art is not for sale.

“This year’s physical manifestation will see IMA inhabit the space
of the art fair, while questioning the fictional model that makes
up art-as-commodity that underpins the art economy. Utilising the
methodology of the fair (while joyously engaging both the word’s
origins in as a place of trade but also its emphasis on a moment
of celebration and implication of equity) IMA will embed its
archive in global micro-talks with Volume II participants as well
as presenting “objects” (not) for sale. Additionally, IMA will
be presenting its latest catalogue: a collaborative curatorial
project highlighting Volume ii’s projects.

Featuring collaborations by:
alice wilson + neja tomšič
deanna lee + kirsten nash
ayesha kamal khan + catalina tuca + joshua j. araujo + mariangela ciccarello
jeffrey martín + david mccormick”

Find out more via the exhibition catalogue here.

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