The Tale Tellers – Charlie Levine

SqW:Lab fellows were invited to interpret their favourite story, song or poem via a series of images that represent key plot points within that story for an ongoing project by Charlie Levine called The Tale Tellers.

Each selection of images tells a complete tale.

A Very Young Person 1865-1878 – Rudyard Kipling

1 every card in my working life

John Ros

2 daybreak, light and colour

Tash Kahn

3 the memory of early morning walks to the Bombay fruit market

Sameer Kulavoor

4 I held his hand and looked at the dimly-seen, friendly gods

Gustavo S Ferro

5 I have always felt the menacing darkness of tropical eventides

Charlie Levine

6 Towers of Silence

Sutapa Biswas

7 we were sent to the dining-room after we had dressed

Katsushi Goto

8 a stuffed leopard’s head on the nursery wall

Rose Van Mierlo

9 Far across green spaces around the house was a marvellous place

Vishwa Shroff

10 I have thought well of hens ever since.

Thomas Tsang

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