A Doll House play project 2018-19

A Doll House was the play project initiated by Katsushi Goto. It was a two staged project with Stage – I: Collaging Subject where one Fellow was asked to construct a fictitious subject by collecting, collaging and cataloguing her/his belongings then to write a brief for building a space in which she/he would inhabit. 

This was passed on to a second Fellow for Stage – II: Construction/Narrative of a dollhouse. The aim of this secondary stage was to build a dollhouse or a narrative of a dollhouse from the brief provided.  


Goto broke the Fellows into pair, Tash Kahn and Thomas Tsang, Charlie Levine and Sameer Kulavoor, and Vishwa Shroff and John Ros.


Empty, Tash Kahn and Thomas Tsang, 2019

Untitled, John Ros and Vishwa Shroff, 2019


Untitled, Gustavo S Ferro and Rosanna van Mierlo, 2019

Time ‘TROVE’l, Sameer Kulavoor and Charlie Levine, 2019

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