The Tale Tellers play project 2018-19

For the SqW:Lab 2018-19 Fellowship, Charlie Levine realised her first The Tale Tellers as a group exhibition.  She read The Jungle Book and gave each Fellow a key plot point / quote from the book and asked them to make an original artwork to represent that quote.

L16_022751. Small Song, Sutapa Biswas

L16_022702. Fire, Rosanna van Mierlo

L16_022693. The monkeys leaped higher up the walls…, Sameer Kulavoor

L16_022554. Every-thing, Thomas Tsang

L16_022485. Attempt to fly an Indian kite in Scotland, January 2019, Gustavo S Ferro

L16_022426. 7 the white seal pp 119, John Ros

L16_022337. Pest Control, Vishwa Shroff

L16_022298. Night Noises, Bird, andMoon, Tash Kahn

L16_022189. Wall of Men, Collaborative work, SqW:Lab 2018-19, Charlie Levine & Katushi Goto

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