Trip to Gulzar Homestay


For part of SqW:Lab 2020 the fellows travelled to the main island by boat to Raigad for a nights stay and realistion of Play Project: Curate the Home at the Gulzar Homestay.

As guests of artist Nibha Sikander, the fellows broke up into pair to respond to the play project brief, to find a space in / around the house and create a piece of work / exhibition inspired by an image in a ‘pack’. Each pack contained crayons, paper, tape, felt tips (all from a UK pound shop) and an image Charlie had selected from exhibitions realised in domestic spaces, including Iain Baxter& ‘Bagged Place’ , Paul Newman’s wall drawing detail from ’18th Storey: the Haddon Tower Project’, Hans Ulrich Obrist’s ‘The Kitchen Show’, and Louise Lawler’s image ‘Foreground.’

All works were installed and exhibited for a pne night only exhibition for the fellows and Nibha only. Each duo (or trio in the case of Adam Nathaniel Furman, Charlie Levine and Nibha Sikander) then did a guided tour of their works. This was after the fellows walked to the beach to catch the sunset.


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