Looking at: the Curate the Home PlayProject

For Charlie’s 2020 Play Project, ‘Curate the Home’, the fellows headed to Gulzar’s Home Stay  with artist, Nibha Sikander. The fellows were paired off in their inviter / invitee duos and each given an envelope. In there they found paper, pens, tape and crayons (all from the poundshop) and an image. Each envelope contained a different image of an artist who had make work specifically in / for a domestic setting.

The Play Project ‘rules’ were to find a space in the home stay and curate two projects – a solo show by one of the duo, and the second a response to the image found in the envelope.

Here are the works made by each duo (or single trio as Nibha joined Charlie and Adam’s group) with the inspiration images.

Adam, Charlie & Nibha

Part 1 – mobiles designed by Adam with interventions by Nibha upon a couple of them.

Part 2 – in response to Richard Wentworth’s intervention in Hans Ulrich Obrist’s 1991 The Kitchen Show. Adam, Charlie and Nibha used the paper cut out remnants to create platforms / stages for found objects in Nibha’s house – the found objects being her artworks.

Ana & Rose

Responding to the below image by Paul Newman, Ana and Rose created rubbings, made with their fingers pressing into the paper over ‘imperfections’ found in things in and outside of the house.  They then exhibited these on the staircase in the house on surface plains similar to those where the original rubbings were made. Ana and Rose then contextualised these works in an art historical and philosophical way through a performance essay.

Kyoko and Goto

Inspired by the Louise Lawler image above, Kyoko and Goto wanted to present a piece of work in the kitchen to mimic the composition. Keeping the fridge to the right of the frame and the artwork to the left, they bought the outside in (a papaya tree branch that they found fallen from a tree) and built a plinth for it – like the Jeff Koons piece. This piece was also kinetic, with the papaya’s falling from the tree onto the upturned cooking pot.

Veeranganakumari and Vishwa

Vee and Vishwa created a series of invitations curated by VS & VS (their initials), each invite had a quote written on the back by Vee that Vishwa had said whilst making the work. The fellows were invited to then search for the work made by Vishwa, the final piece being a drawing of the household space the fellows had to navigate to find it – the staircase.


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