Rosanna Van Mierlo

Get to know SqW:Lab 2018 fellows – today we speak to art writer, Rosanna Van Mierlo.

Where can you be found?

In transit with a book. Usually a 50/50 state of lost & curious

ica floor.jpg

ICA floor, photograph, Rosanna Van Mierlo, 2018

Tell us about a creative action you have taken this week.

I have had multiple fantastic conversations with creative practitioners about the future of art writing, fiction and poetry

What does ‘home’ mean to you? 

Lit up window panes & the smell of smoke

What was the last thing you drew?

A venn diagram, i am sorry to say.

Tell us about 2 of your most subtle influences.

Drag & Derridian theory

Please share your thoughts / a few words about your expectations of the SqW:Lab fellowship, of being in Mumbai and the project in total.

Creating the creative connections and maintaining / improving existing ones, exploring possible collaborations for new project space in Denver



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